TICKETS GATE ON CHARITY SHIELD: FAM AND POLICE SHIFT BLAME TO EACH OTHER – – Football, Netball, Basketball, Hockey,Tennis and sports in Malawi


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Human nature is created in selfish and ambitious way whereby no one wants to accept the failure.

To support this claim, the last Saturday’s Charity shield between Nyasa Big Bullets and Be forward Wanderers at Civo Stadium witnessed such development.

The Football Association of Malawi (FAM) hired the Malawi Service (MPS) officers to provide security which failed to be granted.

FAM has blamed MPS for poor revenue collection, while MPs says FAM is responsible for such poor development.

The report signed by FAM general secretary Suzgo Nyirenda, reads: “There regrettable security lapses as there were rampant cases of people accessing the stadium freely by jumping over the fence in full view of our security detail. There is strong suspicion that the security might have as well motivated and aided this evil”.

“Cordoning was not enforced and was completely abandoned. Despite being reported to our security agents several times, it was surprising that no action was taken to control the situation.”

However, report signed by superintendent Clement Mulera accuses FAM secretariat staff and other officials within the association as the ones responsible for the mess.

The police allege that FAM secretariat used an unofficial ticket selling point for the counterfeit tickets which were also discovered during the match.

This again shows  that FAM is also responsible for such mess

The Charity Shield was held to raise awareness on the significance of blood donation and to gather funds through entry fee for buying medical supplies for Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCM).

Despite a huge turnout, the match grossed k11.4 million (about $ 17 615) and after paying all expenses the association is left with a net revenue of k1.5 million (about $ 2 317) according to a report released by FAM on Thursday.

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