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Nyasa big Bullets and Mighty Be Forward Wanderers have aroused a suspicion over the amount of money gained through gate collections at Blantyre derby in this season TNM Super League.

The revenue collected at this match summed up to k22.8 million ($32 900.42) which is very lesser to last year derby that was at least K27 million. The Bullets and nomads noticed something fishy about this amount; and believe that some people may have embezzled some.

The gate charges were hiked by 100 percent but still did not reach the amount of last year.

The Wanderers general secretary Mike Butao and Kelvin Moyo of Bullets showed their disbelief after being given such figure and their shares which summed to k4.68 million ($6 7533.25)  each.

However, Sulom treasurer Tiya Somba Banda appeared to be defensive on this issue, claiming that the stadium was not full to the brim.

“The stadium was not filled to capacity probably due to the k2 000 ($3) entry fees which stood as financial barrier to many soccer fans,” he said.

Somba also argued that it is not good to compare this season derby to that of last year as both had parallel capacities.

“In the particular match, the crowd spilled to the restricted areas of all the cordoned off stands and they were filled to capacity, the situation was not the same time around,” he said.

Charles Mhango, the stadium supervisor fell in line with Somba as he also said last year people turned up in large number.

The argument raised by both Somba and Mhango did not convince Butao.

“Does it mean people who came to watch this match did not reach half of last year’s? Remember the fans were paying double as much ( k2000), the gross revenue should have still been much more,” he said.




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