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On May 4, 2016 Malawi’s Vice President Dr Saulos Chilima has toured the Bingu Stadium in Lilongwe and has asked the general public to take care the stadium facilities.

Chilima has toured the Bingu National Stadium in Lilongwe which is expected to be opened this year. He appeared to be very impressed with the way the stadium has been constructed and commended the contractors who have put this together.

The VP also noticed that the stadium has different facilities which include a clinic, a police unit, private boxes where people can sit with their families and friends to enjoy soccer in a private environment.

“It is very impressive, I thank the Minister for Sports for inviting me to come and visit the stadium, now I have a clear picture of what is inside,” he said.

Chilima was also very impressed,  to hear that the stadium will be covering over 40, 000 people to watch a game, both the covered and open stands.

Minister of Sports and Culture Grace Obama Chiumia said there were few things which are needed to be finalised such as solar lights, Malawi Telecommunication Limited (MTL) cables and Electricity Supply Commission of Malawi (Escom) main cable need to be connected.

She said this will cost government about MK500 million, after the completion the stadium will be opened.

“The construction of the sewer line will depend on the availability of the funds, if available it can be started as soon as they can be installed.

“As we all know that priority is sewer line, yes we have generators which can be used as electricity for a one day function. But there are issues which we need to sit down as a cabinet and discuss,” she said.

She said government prioritises sports and the evidence of its commitment is the construction of the Bingu National Stadium and the support that it gives to the teams of the country.


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