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Blue Eagles are on victorious side, never has a draw or loss ever since the TNM Super League kicked off, but this do not surprise fans as cops are believed to do the same in previous seasons which ended up not winning league title.

During this weekend, the cops defeated Red Lions 3-0, which has made them to be at the top in league.  They have so far punished every team in their way.

However, the soccer lovers are not yet moved by such development as they say; cops always start like that in every season but end up being among the losers after last whistle of league.

The others are saying that, cops are just lucky as they are just meeting small teams ever since the league begun.

The team has refuted that and said that every team in Super league is big and soon people will be ashamed with their negative attitudes.

The Eagles coach  Deklerk Msokakuona promised to maintain their pace up to the end of league.

“We have started well and need just to maintain the winning mentality,” he said.

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