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The veteran midfielder Fischer Kondowe has not made any of his appearance in several matches includes last Saturday’s TNM Super League game against Epac Football Cup that has raised good number of questions.

Fischer has explained that some officials in the team are trying to rule him out.

“There is nasty politics happening behind the scenes. They have ill motives not only against me, but also two senior players.

I have come from far and served Bullets with dignity and diligentness over many years and someone cannot just come and say, ‘What can we do with this one?’” he said.

However, the midfielder has dismissed the heresy that he is being sidelined due to poor performance;

“It cannot be an issue to do with performance because I played well in the first few games and then from nowhere, I was not included in starting line-up. I know I am not guaranteed a place in the starting line-up but things should be done on merit.”

The team Manager Rahim Ishmael also ironically denied that that is not being featured due to poor performance.

“He needs to pull up his socks, that is only reason he is not playing,” he said.


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