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Patrick Kulemeka, a coach of Max Bullets said that is not  unusual thing to be fired and pointed out that the problems of team are within the administration.

Recently, Kulemeka has been discharged in this club as the team is not doing well in TNM Super League.  The Maxwell Kapanda, the club owner attributed their failure to incompetence of coach.

Speaking in an interview, Kumelaka explained that the development did not disturb him much and attributed the failure of the team to poor administration within the club.

“I have told them the reason of such defeat on Sunday is within the Max Bullets Club administration,” he said.

Leo Mpulula, ex-coach who was replaced by Kulemeka also confirmed that he left Max Bullets because there are a lot of problems within the club.

“I am sure that soon I will have something to do because the career remains in my blood.  Being fired at Max bullets I do not regret,” he said.

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