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It is unbelievable, exciting and something beyond to soccer fans ‘expectation Leicester City remains at the top of English Premier League.

Even today, a lot of teams, players are showering the Leicester with colourful congratulations but at first no one wanted them to win this title.

John Terry, Chelsea Skipper said after seeing the victory of Leicester crowning the Premier league title;

“All season long people kept saying they’ll lose the next one, lose the next one but they kept winning and churning out results.”

After Leicester having a draw to Manchester United, people’s desire for their downfall activated as their possibility of winning depended on  the outcome of game between  Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea yesterday.

The spurs were their only top challengers in this league; their misfortune could be nursed if Spurs defeated Chelsea.

However, Leicester’s first top-flight title was secured after Spurs held to a 2-2 draw in this match which failed to keep the race alive.

Messi, Barcelona striker appeared to be happy seeing a small team made it to the title.

“The reasons why we all love football, congratulations,” he commended.

Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany said: “Congratulations to the new Champions of England, Leicester City, Respect.”

Ex-Leicester and England striker Gary Lineker- Leicester city have won the premier League. The biggest sporting shock of my lifetime, it’s only my team.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino- described winning (triumph) of Leicester City as beautiful story, almost a fairytale as a team more as an outsider performed miraculously.

This indeed, is marvelous and what Leicester have done this year has been unbelievable and it is definitely giving hope to the smaller teams.




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