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Liverpool has defeated Villarreal 3-0 on May 5 which has given them an opportunity to proceed and meet with Europa League holders Sevilla in the final.

Liverpool stepped their feet at Anfield 1-0 behind following last week’s first-leg match in Spain. The stadium was full to the brim and the atmosphere was sparking in a sea of colours. The game stirred up fans as any team seemed to be in desperate to win the match.

Daniel Sturridge netted the second and was heavily involved in the other two goals of Liverpool’s 3-0 win over Villarreal on this Thursday.

The manager of team, Kurgen Klopp  praised Sturridge for making his side into finals.

“I know about his quality. I knew before I came here. Now I know it better. He’s a good player and it is good to have him here,” he said.

Further reflecting on his side’s victory, Klopp is very happy for Liverpool’s success in reaching the final.

“Nine years between the last final and this one. Europe is big. A lot of teams want to go to finals. It is not too easy. Now we are there and it is a great opportunity and we will take it as that.”

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