MAX BULLETS, CIVO ACCUSED REFEREES: ONE DAY PLAYER WILL DIE IN GAME-POFERA – – Football, Netball, Basketball, Hockey,Tennis and sports in Malawi


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The coach of Civo services United, Milias Pofera accused the referees in TNM Super League that they not handling foul cases seriously and sometimes give biased judgment.

Pofera said this from their games in Blantyre during the weekend where they met with Mighty Be Forward and Azam Tigers in Super League.  Despite having a draw in both games, he complained that referees in this season are not serious enough.

Referees do make us losers, many players fouled but they did nothing. Sometimes they do give yellow card to a victim player instead of giving the one who commit the foul. In worse time, they do give the fouled player a free kick. If this will not be dealt immediately one day a player will die on football ground. They do not care about any complainant,” worried Pofera.

On the other hand, Max Bullets also have attributed their loss to Northern Region teams this weekend in Super League to referees.

“We were losing 2-0 to Moyale Barracks, with our effort we equalized. But in last minute, the referee gave the other side a penalty to win the game. We scored our goal, but they did not accept, we asked them but they said that is Northern Region not Blantyre. We have lost because of the referee was bias,” complained Max Bullets owner, Maxwell Kapanda.

Max Bullets  also lost 3-0  to Nzuni FC.

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