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Many players confront several pitfalls, some have been suffering a lot after retiring from Football career, looked like any of those street vendors; this is why Players Welfare Fund  has been at the heart of every player and all soccer well wishers.

After several silent prayers in players’ hearts, finally Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has drafted a Players Welfare Fund policy which will soon be implemented through Super league of Malawi (Sulom).  Therefore, Sulom will be responsible in managing the fund on behalf of the trustees.

The trustees for the fund will be approved by FAM through general assembly. The fund manager is also going to be appointed.

The policy will benefit players through medical schemes, injury insurance, financial servings, legal provisions, education, and these among others.

For instance, both active and former players will be eligible for k100 000 ($144) for education, k50 000 ($72) in case of death and k50 000 when bereaved.

The policy has also enlightened some areas which brought the misunderstanding before among clubs failed to remit their share as there was no specific account even the terms of reference for the funds.

Sulom vice-president Daud Suleman, who is also a member of the players’ welfare committee, appreciated the policy as it will clear misconceptions that were there.

As 2016 season enters week four, clubs are yet to remit the three percent of their share to FAM.

Only players that are registered with super league clubs and members of FPAM are eligible for the welfare.

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