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Matches in the presidential cup are becoming tough as Red lions and Azam Tigers have already surrendered after being defeated.

Red lions lost to 4-3 Be Forward Wanderers which has frustrated the team lovers, however, the team coach Mike Kamanga accepted the defeat and said his side tried.

“We have tried, we failed to utilize chances, and only communication between goal keeper and defenders wasn’t good.

“First half they were leading 3-0 but second half we tried a lot which has given us hope that if we work hard we can do better in other leagues.”

While Azam Tigers has lost 4-1 to Mafco, their coach Gerald Phiri did not accept that defeat as it dwells behind their weakness.

“The game was not such hard, but the other side was using much power, just pushing our players.

“We failed to score many goals that we need to sit down to look over it. It was not our day; we now focus on other leagues.”

Whereas, Wanderers and Mafco have managed to quarter finals.



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