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National Referees Association (NRA) has banned, a referee, Roy Williams for disturbing a march between Civo United and Master Security last week in presidential cup due to his incompetence, the game which ended up in chaos.

The problem in this match rose after Master Security leveled as they were losing but in their midst of celebrating their goal, the Civo scored another goal.

The Security came to notice that their goal was denied by referee that was why the other side continued to play in their absence. This really landed a double brow on them, they all flew into rage.

This then led the match to be abandoned in 28th minute while Civo believed to be leading 2-0.

Following, such development, the NRA has blamed and banned referee Williams for failing to observe the laws of the game.

“He failed to observe the laws of the game,” said Referees general secretary Chris Kalichero.

He said Williams is not a first offender as he had served nine months ban last year on officiation controversy.

However, Williams denied bringing the game into dispute but admitted that he has been banned.

According to the committee, reports presented by Williams and match coordinator Pyson Likagwa, the referee contradicted himself in the report and that he was incompetent enough in officiating the game as he made inconsistent decisions.

The report also lacked substance on what led to the abandonment of the match according to the determination signed by Fam General Secretary Suzgo Nyirenda.

The match was replayed on Monday and Civo were booted out by a goal to nil. Master Security have now booked a date with Moyale Barracks.

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