THUNDER QUEENS BOARDED PUBLIC TRANSPORT: WELL WISHERS FAILED THEM – – Football, Netball, Basketball, Hockey,Tennis and sports in Malawi


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The 2016 Airtel Money national finals which will take place in Lilongwe where regional champions are going to contest for national title among which is Thunder Queens, the team has boarded public transport  to participate matches b as they do not have enough funds.

Speaking before the departure, Team Manager for Thunder Queens Anne Kapatuka said their efforts of knocking on the doors of well wishers  for support  did not benefit.

“We have tried our best to raise the funds for our trip to Lilongwe. Right now we only have K150, 000 which is far below our budget for the trip. Our total budget was K800, 000. We don’t know where we will put up in Lilongwe and where to get the food. However, we trust God that something will happen,” said Kapatuka.

Team saw that it was not worth to keep on searching financial help while the days of the matches are drawing in, so they need to move on as the girls are focused and hope to fight the cup.

“We finished third in the presidential cup having beaten Blue Eagles sisters. This time around our goal is to go for the top spot. We don’t care whosoever we meet. We have been in similar situation before and we are not moved,” Kapatuka said.

However, the team’s captain, Joana Kachilika, confirmed that the situation is really worrying the players, but they are going there In faith to win the title.

“We have a strong team and believe in ourselves. We want to make history in Lilongwe and despite all these financial problems, the girls are ready for the showdown. Mind you there is plenty of money at stake,” said Kachilika.



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