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Wizards Football Club, new comers in Malawi TNM Super league has stepped in with a victory over Red Lions at the Kamuzu Stadium on may 2.

Wizards set their foot in this match with a desire to win the game.  They punished Lions’ goalkeeper, Jacob Kaunda with several colourful shots in the first half. Despite, they did not score a goal in this half but they did better job as compared to that of Lions.

Few minutes, at the dawn of second half, Patrick Phiri scored the goal for Wizards. They tried several chances later but Kaunda did commended job for Lions.

The Lions tried all means to secure a goal but the defence of Wizards was like a wall. It was resistant to Lions players’ shots, Loti Chawinga and  Bonface Kaulesi failed to break it.

Wizards Technical Director Peter Mponda said that his players have made him happy.

“My boys are really coming out of age now. I am happy with the way we have began our journey but its long way to go and there’s still a lot of work to do,” said Mponda.

Despite the selling of many of its players this season to other teams, wizards still started Super League with a triumph.




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