CARLSBERG TO SPONSOR POOL IN MALAWI – – Football, Netball, Basketball, Hockey,Tennis and sports in Malawi


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It was more like a blasphemy for Carlsberg Malawi to shower much of its sponsorship to different sport entities without considering their own faithful partner, Malawi Pool Association (Mapa) who always is like wing man in drinking places.

Mapa is nothing without Carlsberg so as Carlsberg without Mapa, that is why the Carlsberg, through its Special Brew has thought it wise to  sponsor the Mapa with K3 million for the national pool league.

Speaking at the unveiling took place at College of Medicine Sports Complex in Blantyre on Friday, Carlsberg Malawi Senior Brands Manager-Alcoholics, Twikale Chirwa, said that pool is just another additive that makes drinking joints favourable.

“We would like to reward young and vibrant consumers who prefer Special Brew. As management, we thought it wise to support pool because most people that play pool consume our brand and as such we would like to reward them for their loyalty,” he said.

Mapa President, Chikondi Mbewe, has concurred that  pool promotes Carlsberg brand sales and disclosed that it has been long run without sponsorship.

“Since we knocked on your doors more than two years ago requesting for sponsorship, we have been waiting in the wings of hope that one day you will remember us. Indeed, you have done that and it is a big day in pool circles. You have actually rewarded the most deserving sporting code in the country in as far as consumption of your brand is concerned,” he said

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