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Malawian light heavy weight boxer, Isaac Chilemba is still in his full form of confidence as he is facing a Russian Sergey Kovalev on July 11 in Russia.

Chilemba is even not fear but is ready to bounce lion at DIVS Palace of Sports in Ekaterinburg where Roman Simakov died due to injuries he suffered after being knocked out by Kovalev in 2011.

“Whatever happened that time is not what is going to happen now. We cannot put two situations together. This is a different time, so I don’t think about what he did or what happened. All I believe is that the pressure is on Kovalev because he will be fighting in the place where he knew something happened when he fought there last time,” Chilemba spoke in an interview.

The light heavyweight world title holder Kovalev, 32, is very happy to fight Malawian and defends at home his three belts.

“I am so excited to fight in my home country of Russia. It gives me great pride to bring my titles home at last. Chilemba is a tough opponent and I will take him on,” he said.

Chilemba is eagerly to seize from the Russian champion world belts for the International Boxing Federation (IBF), World Boxing Association (WBA) and World Boxing Council (WBC).

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