SUPER WELTERWEIGHT CHAMP: KUDAKWACHE DEFEATS MAKAWA – – Football, Netball, Basketball, Hockey,Tennis and sports in Malawi


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Kudakwache Nkhakamila  Banda has knocked out Chikondi Makawa in a bout on Sunday evening at M1 Centrepoint in Lilongwe and is now the new national super welterweight champion.

Kudakwache started with straggles in the first two rounds and got a minor cut at the threshold of bout.

Suddenly, Kudakwache flew into a ditch of magical strength where he got clues and started dominating the third round; Makawa was covered with his fits.

Makawa got to his feet in the eighth round and he punished his opponent with deadly punches that forced referee Leonard Metazama to stop the fight as the blood were oozing from kudakwache’s left eye.

With more difficulties Kudakwache managed to hold his breath and to fight until he won in round 12.

However, Makawa has accused the judges of being biased towards his opponent.

“I believe my performance was much better than my opponent. All same I wish him best,” he said.



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