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The Federation of International Basketball Ireland-based basketball trainer, Marrie Horgan, chaired one week training in Lilongwe for 25 Central Zone Basketball League (Cezobal) referees in order to have good quality of the sport in Malawi.

Speaking in an interview, Horgan gave a credit to the local referees for being attentive throughout the training period, and believed the officiating standards are to improve after the event.

“I have been drilling them on the basics of the game and on how they can improve basketball. I am really pleased because the participants have been enthusiastic to learn new things about basketball. I hope that at the end of the training, Malawi will have quality basketball referees,” Horgan said.

Cezobal referees chairperson, Waleke Mponda, described the course as useful.

“We never had qualified referees in Cezobal so the course is timely,” Mponda said.

The participants were drawn from all Cezobal affiliated teams.

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