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There are still diverse ideas on how Kudakwache Banda emerged a winner, crowned champion in the super welterweight title fight where he defeated Chikondi Makawa at M1 Centre Point in Lilongwe on Sunday.

Judges Mbachichi Nyirenda, Elton Ndojime and Juliet Milole all scored in Kudakwache’s favour.

Makawa’s record dropped to four defeats, six wins and a draw, whereas Kudakwache maintained his unbeaten run to 11 wins straight wins, including eight knock-outs.

While several experts have argued that Kudakwache did not deserve the belt, but Malawi Professional Boxing Control Board (MPBCB) has dismissed the criticism.

White Belt Boxing Promotions Managing Director, Vincent Panel, claimed that the result was doctored as some quarters wanted to preserve Kudakwache’s unbeaten run.

“In all fairness, Makawa did enough to defend the belt. I think it was a deliberate move to preserve Kudakwache’s record,” he said.

Unlicensed match-maker, Steve ‘Mawenzi’ Msiska, echoed the statements, saying the recently held World Boxing Council officiating clinic was a waste of time.

“The worst the judges could have done was to declare it a draw and Makawa could have retained the belt,” he said.

However, MPBCB President, Lonzoe ‘Defector’ Zimba has defended the result and said that Kudakwache won the bout is just that some people did not him to win.


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