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Finally all is set for Rainbow Paints Southern Region Netball League (SRNL) which will take place in Blantyre on Saturday with four games marking the start.

In the opening match, Shizaella Queens will meet Kukoma Diamonds with Alliance Capital Stars taking on defending champions, Tigresses.

Chilomoni Sisters will entertain Prison Sisters while Gerald Tasaukadala Sisters will battle against Young Professionals.

The league’s General Secretary, Annie Hanjahanja, said they are looking forward to seeing competitive matches in this league.

“The sponsors have given us the green-light to kick-off the league as we wait for the official opening ceremony. Currently, the teams are set to compete for the championship,” she said.

Rainbow Paints Commercial Manager, Bruno Silas, asked teams to aim for the championship and observe fair-play.

“We have enjoyed our association with netball and the league in particular. We have given them permission to throw-off the league as we finalise logistics ahead of the official opening ceremony,” he said.

However, the official opening ceremony of the league will be held next week, SRNL and Rainbow Paints officials have confirmed.

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