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By Robert Kumwenda

Captain for Mpingwe silver Saeed Lindawala has urged government and the corporate World to support cricket in Malawi.

He said this in an exclusive interview with face of Malawi online news.

Saeed said they must support cricket to bring it up to put Malawi name on the map because there are a lot of young stars and teams that are coming up.

“If government and the corporate World support cricket we can select a good team that can represent us internationally,” he said.

He further said that he chooses to play cricket because most Indians and Pakistanis like to play cricket, so he therefore said he followed the footsteps of his fore fathers.

Quizzed to comment if he has participated in any international games he said he has never participated in any international games.

He urges the young stars that have passion in cricket to work hard on betting, bowrling and fielding saying that they must improve in these three areas if they want in international games.

Saeed started playing cricket in 2011 at Mpingwe Sports Club.

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