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The economic crisis in Malawi have paved a way for the Netball Association of Malawi (NAM) to continue to strangle as they will still have part-time coaches due to inadequate funding.

In this year national budget, government allocated only k32 million instead of each year set amount o k300 million to cater all this year services according to NAM President Rosy Chinunda.

“In the proposed budget that was submitted to government, the employment of a permanent coach was factored in but we can no longer proceed with the plans as the money which was allocated to us cannot sustain such plans.

“It means we will maintain the previous arrangement to hire coaches on part-time basis, we cannot employ a permanent coach until the economy improves,” said Chinunda.

However, Malawi National Council of Sports (MNCS) executive secretary George Jana argued that NAM would still have been required to justify the hiring of a permanent coach even if the annual subvention was enough.

“We advised them to present to us their strategic plan that will detail duties of the coach before the person can be employed, but they still haven’t done so,” he said.

Meanwhile the Queens have no coach following the expiry of one-year contracts for Peace Chawinga and her assistant Mary Waya in May this year.

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