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Ex Malawi National football team, Coach Ernest Mtawali has sued, and this time he has sued Football Association of Malawi (FAM) and technical sub-committee James Mwenda for defamation.

Mtawali was appointed as Malawi Football team coach on 1 August 2015 for a one year contract which expired on 31st July.

According to summons that have been filed to the Blantyre High Court through his lawyers, Ritz Attorney at Law, Mtawali is claiming damages for libel and slander.

Mtawali has sued Mwenda and FAM in what was said about him following his firing that has been tarnished his reputation.

Mwenda is the first defendant who believed to tell the media false issue about Mtawali.

Mwenda was quoted as having said that ex- Flames coach used wrong game plans and alleged biased selection of players and failure to submit technical reports and review matches as well as sidelining his deputy and technical panel members.

Mtawali says that the media entries about his sacking and the sentiments that FAM made have tarnished his career, reputation and that this has brought him into public scandal, odium and contempt.

Ex Flames coach also claims that what said after being fired shows that he is incompetent and does not have skills as a football coach, a man of no manners who borrowed money from players.

Mwenda and FAM general secretary accepted receipt of the summon documents, but refused to comment.

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