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Mzuzu University Student Representative Council  has forced Mzuni FC’s Chairperson, Felix Bello to resign as he lacks motivation skills to inspire the team’s stakeholders such as players and supporters.

The council has written a letter to Bello with disappointed in his management and asked him to resign.

“With your limited knowledge of the game of football, you lack team-spirit… your leadership style may affect the performance of the club in the second round of the 2016 TNM Super League,” reads part of the letter.

The students also question Bello on how he intends to bail out the team from its financial crisis.

“Please note that there is overwhelming evidence that the majority of the voters who put you in office have lost confidence in your leadership,” the letter adds.

The team’s General Secretary, Khumbo Kumwenda, acknowledged receipt of the letter but asked to be called later.

Bello said he was not aware of the letter.

“Let me come back to you when I get the letter, otherwise, I cannot be responding to hearsay,” he said

Bello was elected as chairperson early this year on a two-year term of office, replacing Albert Harawa.

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