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Dipa Karmakar became India’s first gymnast at 2016 Rio Olympic games in 52 years and qualified for the vault final where she finished fourth with a score of 15.006 – well past her previous best – and missed a bronze medal by just 0.150 points.

Dipa was at third place after her second attempt at the Produnova but slipped to fourth after the final contestant, American Simone Biles, put in an outstanding performance to win gold with a score of 15.966.

However, seeing Dipa’ struggles in such series of tweets on 14 August, the woman wrote, “Conflicted about Dipa Karmakar’s Olympic Vault final.

“It is an incredible achievement, of course but gymnasts from richer countries don’t have to perform the produnova, called the death vault, to gain points.

“They can do easier vaults and execute it better because: better infrastructure, better training, betters everything. Tonight, she is going to risk her life to win an Olympic

“Life is not worth any medal, for any damned country.”

Her tweets drew sharp criticism including threat to life and rape warnings following which she sought help from the External Affairs Minister. After her plea, the Chief Minister’s Office intervened and a senior police officer met her.

“After receiving directions, I met the girl on the night of August 14 and spoke to her about the matter. She filed a complaint and the FIR was lodged on 15 August with Pratap Nagar Police Station,” DCP East Kunwar Rastradeep said on Wednesday.

“We are in the process of obtaining some IP addresses and are writing to Twitter seeking information about certain the handles.

“Since their server is located out of the country, it will take some time for us to reach to the users who abused her,” the officer said.

“We are working on the case considering the gravity of the case. Since the servers are placed outside India, it is a bit of a time consuming process but we will get it done as early as possible,” Mukesh Chaudhary, a cyber crime expert assisting the police, said.


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