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Muhammad Sulumba’s dreams to play in Polokwane City evaporated before it comes to reality as Nyasa Big Bullets fail to clear him in time following the disagreement within club.

According to source, Bullets failed to clear the player before the window was shut on Wednesday because of greedy former Bullets chairman Sam Chilunga who believed to receive K2.8 million on deal without disclosing it the others.

In an interview, Bullets General Secretary Kelvin Moyo disclosed that him and some club officials arrived at FAM offices to clear the player, they were shocked to hear that the Premier Soccer League side had already made an advanced payment of K3.8 million (almost ZAR 70 000) to Bullets and that only a balance of K8 million was remaining for Sulumba to complete his ‘dream’ move.

This did not go well with Moyo who told City to provide valid documents to Bullets to show that the transaction indeed took place but the PSL side refused to bow down to this request by insisting that part of Sulumba’s transfer fee was pocketed by Bullets.

By then, only few hours were remaining on the clock before the window was shut and with Bullets keeping their counterparts waiting, Sulumba’s dream move came to an end as City got pissed off and officials from the South African club stopped picking up calls till the window was officially shut down at exactly 12 midnight.

“We did everything in our power to have him cleared by seeking clarification on the said amount that our friends are claiming to have paid us but it seems they got pissed off and stopped picking up our calls till the window was shut down.”

“As General Secretary for the club, I am very disappointed with what has happened and I am feeling sorry for Muhammad Sulumba who deserved this opportunity to play professional football. The whole mess was created by the former committee because if there was indeed a transaction between the two sides, they never bothered to inform us,” said Kelvin Moyo.

With such disagreements in Bullets, Sulumba left with arms folded as he saw his chances to play in City hit a big wall despite being given a wok permit by the South African government last week.

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