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Civo United warn new coach Charles manda

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Civo United have warned new coach Charles Manda to pay heed to current team’s poor performance in second league campaign.

Manda, replaced outspoken Millias Jegwa Pofera at the end of first round of the season but he does not yet produce tangible results as he has just managed two points of a possible nine points.

According one of officials at Civo disclosed that although the team has made some positive transformation under the new coach and his training methods have been publicly praised by a number of players, more work must be done.

“We had a meeting with our coach concerning the performance of the team because we have noticed that much as we have conceded less number of goals just two in three games we have only managed to collect two points of a possible nine,” he said.

“This is a cause for concern but he has assured us that he will talk to the players to change.”

However, Manda said that the players seem to have lost confidence after a poor start to the campaign under Pofera reign.

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