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Kayuni beat Masamba on Weigh-in

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The unofficial weigh-in results got yesterday at Chombe Foods Limited head office in Blantyre between Wilson  Masamba and Osgood Kayuni differed with only 0.2 as the former weighed 61.2 while the latter 61.4.

According to the weigh-in results , both boxers have qualified for the junior lightweight category of their eight-round non-title contest tomorrow at Robins Park in Blantyre.

The boxers were expected today to undergo another official weigh-in in Blantyre but Kayuni, led by his stable’s Zama Boxing Promotions spokesperson, Olesugun Kapanga, were irked after learning that they will undergo another official weigh-in today.

“So what was the use of this weigh-in if we are to undergo another weigh-in session? There is no point holding two weigh-in sessions. It was just meant to disturb our training schedule,” Kapanga said.

Kayuni said he had no problems with the weigh-in, but he would have loved to do it once.

“We are training hard and it is not good to disrupt our programme like this,” he said.

In reaction, Masamba said customary weigh-ins are held a day before a fight.

“So, we need to have another weigh-in on Friday to verify whether we are within the required weight. I don’t want someone to cheat me,” he said.

Masamba’s manager, Craig Rousseau, said they vehemently rejected an idea to hold an official weigh-in two days before the fight.

While the promoter, Mike Chitenje of Mulanje Last Boxing Promotions, and the sponsor, Chombe were agreed that the official weigh-in be held between 6am and 7am today at PMJ Gym in Kanjeza Township, Blantyre.


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