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Limbani Masamba has just recovered from being forgotten as he has knocked down Kudakwache Banda  in an eight-round welterweight non-title bout at M1 Centrepoint in Lilongwe on Sunday.

Kudakwache , who has been in best form  as he was undefeated in 12 consecutive professional fights, but this time , was engulfed by  Masamba’s fists that landed on him as raindrops.

While still in the ring, Kudakwache found it difficult in eighth round to stand to his feet and then fell helplessly on the floor.

Kudakwache was expected to stand and fight once again but it was not like that as he was unconscious and needed first aid attention.

Masamba was named a winner as he was too good and dominated the bout from the first punch.

In his victory speech, Masamba was pleased with his performance.

“I thank God for helping me to win this bout. I had good preparations and it was a good fight for me,” he said.

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