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MAPA pool finals slated on October 29

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By orchestra Loketo Kamanga

The K3 million Carlsberg sponsorship pool tournament is set to take place on October 29 in Mangochi after 3 teams qualified for the competition.

The three teams which qualified for the tournament are Nsinji from Central region, Formula one from Southern region and White house from eastern region and only northern region team has not yet being identified .

The champions for the finals will get K650, 000 while second place team will walk home with K500, 000 and third team will receive K300, 000 and K200, 000 for fourth winner.

Speaking in an interview, Malawi Pool Association President, Chikondi Mbewe said regional champions would qualify for the national finals in Mangochi but the second winner would receive K70, 000, while the third winner would cart home K500, 000 and the fourth place team would get K30, 000 in regional finals qualifiers.

“I am very impressed with this competitive of the tournament and players behavior,” he said, adding that Carlsberg condition was discipline if to continue with sponsorship.

Mbewe said Carlsberg assured them for their commitment to continue with sponsorship. “This is the first time for the company to pump in money but we are sure that will increase the sponsorship,” he said.

Southern Region Tournament Director Banarba Kamwambi said the competition would help to expose hidden talent for the players.


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