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Nomads’ trip to central molds a point

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Be Forward Wanderers has struggled in Central region, almost being beaten twice-a shame as they failed to collect maximum points in the second consecutive games.

The bad omen was shown on Saturday after losing to Mafco 2-1; came to Sunday Nomads were held by dominating Dwangwa United to 0-0 in a match that took place at Chitowe stadium.

Dwangwa, Noma

The Nomads pumped in its quality players such as Kondwani Lufeyo, Bongani Kaipa, Mike Kaziputa, Joseph Kamwendo, Peter Wadabwa and Jafali Chande and among others in first half but to no avail.

While the hosts Dwangwa United relied on the services of Barnet Philemon, Benson Manyozo, Gilbert Nkhokwe, Onesmo Mbendera, Thom Kamanga, Victor Harawa and Pilirani Chirwa who managed the side to dominate in first half.

Come second half, the Nomads started beautiful passing and good attacking play no wonder they visited Dwangwa’s territory over and over again.

But they failed to turn any of their chances into a goal and the game ended 0-0.

Speaking after the game, Wanderers team manager Steve Madeira said the weekend has been bad for his team.

However, Madeira decried the unsporting behavior which were showcased by their opponents in their two games over the weekend.

“Several things need to change; we are looking as if we are a bad team when we travel because of some unsporting behavior that happened, the teams delayed the games too much.

“From the two matches that we had I think we were the only team that wanted to play the game the others came for a draw and defensive mind only,” said Madeira.

In his voice, coach for Dwangwa united McDonald Mtetemera thanked God for the point though they were not planning to have a point.

“We thank God for what he has given us today, he prepared this for us for today as you see the team is just coordinating strongly now.

“So soon we will be winning games, we didn’t expect to get a point today but all in all we thank God for the provision,” said Mtetemera.

This means the nomads are back home with a single point from the two games they played in the central region.

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