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Paul Pogba reacts to Man U defeat to Watford

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Paul Pogba promised Manchester United supporters  that the players ‘will continue fighting’ after suffering a third successive 3-1 defeat at Watford on Sunday.

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Despite Pogba is internationally criticised with the way he is doing nothing at United as he was bought at high price, he has gathered the courage to tweet on his account  promising supporters that soon things will change for the better.

“Thanks to all supporters for being there for us, results are not there yet but we will continue fighting, United we can!”

Anthony Martial has also sustained a head injury at Watford but when Jose Mourinho asked about him he sounded confused.

“I don’t know,” Mourinho said when asked whether Martial was concussed. “I promise I don’t know. You are asking me things I cannot tell you.

“I didn’t know why he came off whether he was injured in his knee, his ankle or his head. I don’t know. I just know in that moment he is not in a condition to carry on. I don’t know why I just know I had to change. I don’t know yet what happened.

“I had to be on the game at that time. And not worrying with Anthony. I have not had time to see about the situation.”

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