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Polokwane City wants Sulumba deal back

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South African football scout, Martin Sekati, has stepped in to mediate on the wrangle between Nyasa Big Bullets and Polokwane City over the aborted transfer of the People’s Team’s burly striker, Muhammad Sulumba, to the South Africa Premiership club.

Sekati, who visited Malawi during the week on a personal trip and also for scouting, confirmed offering to help unlock Sulumba’s window of opportunity at Polokwane in the January transfer window.

The agent, who was reluctant to divulge more details on the mediation, said he was approached by scout and ex-Bullets chairperson, Kondie Msungama, who Bullets’ chairperson, Noel Lipipa, allegedly sought help from.

“I have been briefed about that. Don’t worry; when things get into my hands, they get sorted out. There is nothing like impossible,” said Sekati, who recently facilitated trials for Bullets striker, Chiukepo Msowoya, at Bloemfontein Celtic.

Msungama claimed that Lipipa sought his help so that he could talk to Polokwane, who have closed the communication lines in view of the transfer mess. The South Africa side released Sulumba back to Bullets.

“I thought that instead of me contacting Polokwane, it would be better if Sekati meets them. It is tricky as Polokwane are fed up with this matter. We want him to hear Polokwane’s side of the story so that the boy can travel back to South Africa,” Msungama explained.

“The Bullets chairperson said, what is critical in this matter is that, some money was pocketed and they were at pains to release the player. When elephants are fighting, it is the grass that suffers. In this case, we do not want the player to suffer. We want to help him go back and sort out the issue of money later.”

Malawi News did not contact Lipipa as he recently said it was only the Acting-General Secretary, Kelvin Moyo, who speaks to the press on behalf of the team.

“I am learning from you about this arrangement. In any case, if that is the case, Sulumba can only join Polokwane in January because the window is now closed,” Moyo said on Thursday.

Bullets recently referred the Sulumba issue to Football Association of Malawi (Fam), whose Transfer System Matching Manager, Casper Jangale, yesterday said they would summon the player, Bullets and the former official in question, for a round-table discussion early October.

“Our role is to find a common ground because Polokwane paid something and sooner or later, in the event that they are no longer interested in the player, they will demand their money. We need to hear out the former Bullets official as proper handovers were not done,” Jangale explained.

Sulumba signed a two-and-half year contract with Polokwane, but the transfer fell through as the South Africa side, having deposited R70,000 into a personal bank account of the former Bullets official as part payment, failed to send a commitment letter that they would pay the balance.

Eventually, Polokwane released Sulumba a fortnight ago. On his return, Sulumba said: “They just told me to come back, saying they could not keep me any longer. They are generally upset.”

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