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Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has charged Mighty be forward Wanderers for failure to control own supporters that entered into the football ground as final whistle favoured their side during the Carlsberg Cup final on 10th September at the Kamuzu Stadium.

According to FAM this act is  contrary to article 24.1; pitch invasion contrary to article 24.10 and bringing the game into disrepute as per article 24.21.

The teams’s general secretary Mike Butawo said they have accepted the charges.

“We accept the charges laid against us and we regret occurrence. We made all the efforts to have an incident free final which included meetings with our main supporters committee and all other sub committees.

“But all of us were helpless against the emotions in our supporters evoked from winning the cup. Such emotions could have been handled by our security personnel who unfortunately were equally overwhelmed. We regret the incident and apologies whole heartedly.

Therefore,  Wanderers fined K500, 000 for pitch invasion while on the offence of bringing the game into disrepute by causing negative publicity, delay of medal and trophy presentation as wellas abrupt end to live TV Transmission of the official proceedings of the match Mighty Be Forward Wanderers has received a seriously warning from committing the same offence in the near future

Wanderers will also pay the cost of repairs for the damage caused by its supporters on perimeter boards and other stadium equipment which are estimated at K1million.

In a related a development Mighty Be Forward Wanderers FC were unsuccessful in their appeal against the decision made by the Carlsberg Cup Organising Committee as regard to the Carlsberg Cup semifinal match between Mighty be Forward Wanderers and Mangochi Police.

The FAM Disciplinary Committee has upheld the decisions of the organising Committee which fined Mighty Be Forward Wanderers K500, 000.00 for bullying a Mangochi United player and K150, 000.00 for bringing the game into disrepute.

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