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Bullets accuse Sulom of unfair gate revenue deductions

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Nyasa Big Bullets have expressed a concern that they are unfairly treated  by Super League of Malawi (Sulom) through  deduction of their debts from gate collection shares.

|According to Bullets finance committee chairperson Fleetwood Haiya yesterday claimed that Sulom twice deducted money amounting to about K1.9 million from their TNM Super League matches against Premier Bet Wizards and, more recently Be Forward Wanderers to meet part of the transfer fee for defender Maneno Nyoni owed to Karonga United as well as a loan they got from the flagship league governing body.

“They have been deducting money from our gate revenue share without our consent. For example, during the match against Fisd Wizards, they got K469 000 which was supposed to be our share and then in the latest derby, they deducted K1.5 million.

“Of course, we owed Karonga K2 million as transfer fee for Nyoni, but we made a commitment to pay through postdated cheques which we already issued. We also owe Sulom a certain amount for registration, but they should have followed proper procedures to claim the money. They did not even have the courtesy to get our consent,” said Haiya.

However, Sulom general secretary (GS) Williams Banda dismissed Bullets’ claims.

“To begin with, the correct figure that was deducted from their derby share was K1 000 026 and not K1.5 million as he is claiming.

“From that amount, K425 000 went towards processing and transfer levies which they owed us and K500 000 went to Karonga as part of Nyoni’s transfer fee and this was in line with the commitment letter which they [Bullets] wrote. They also borrowed K101 000 from us when they travelled to Mzuzu recently,” explained the Sulom GS.

He added: “In fact, they [Bullets] owe us a lot of money. If they are not happy with such an arrangement then they should be paying cash.

“At first we deducted K1 million because according to the agreement, that was the first instalment that they were supposed to pay.”

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