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Gabadihno Mhango donates assorted items to kangaroo mothers at Queens

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Gabadihno Mhango came silently yesterday to Malawi to donate assorted items to Kangaroo mothers at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital.

According to Gabadihno, said kangaroo mothers are doing a lot to keep their babies alive so they deserve support and he thought it wise to donate assorted items to them.

gaba sorted items

In charity mood the Malawian international player wrote on his Facebook page after a visit:
” I came to Malawi without announcing and now am back in South Africa but my purpose for the trip was fulfilled as i managed to visit the kangaroo mothers at Queens who have babies born with low birth weight and preterm on babies. Kangaroo mother carry their babies skin to skin so as they regulate the body of the babies for weight increase plus bonding.

I shared stories, made jokes, gave out assorted items and some hand cash to each patient in the ward. I made friends to wonderful twins named Trust and Triza, beautiful babies.

sortted items by gaba

I pray God continue blessing and protecting these mothers who continuously dedicate hours of holding their babies just so they live. I can’t wait to go back to the ward someday and hopefully help out in other wards and hospitals. God bless us all.”

Gabadihno has just helped his club in South Africa to win the MTN 8 Cup  over the weekend so he decided to celebrate it by helping struggled mothers in nursing their babies through Kangaroo.

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