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Kananji describes moment of Wanderers coach as worst experience in his career

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The former Be Forward Wanderers assistant coach Eliah Kananji has explained  his  time in a club as the worst experience in his career and said problem is executive committee not coaches.

Speaking in an interview after being sacked together with head coach Eddingtone Ng’onamo  on Wednesday Kananji said the executive committee’s interference in technical matters is what always worsening the situation  at the Lali Lubani side.

“The situation is beyond football. The main problem is the executive committee and not coaches. They can hire as many coaches as they want, but things can’t improve,” he said.

Kananji accused the executive committee of tampering with the line-up which the coaches come up with.

“Like in the case of last week’s Blantyre derby, we were summoned on Friday evening by the executive committee. They demanded that we show them our first XI, which we did. But they dismissed it and came up with their own line-up.

“They removed players whom they did not want and replaced with those that they felt should be in the team. After losing, we are being blamed by the same executive yet if we had used the players that we picked, I am sure we could not have lost,”he said.

Kananji also accused the executive of bringing in players without consulting the coaches.

“I can tell you that all those players that have joined Wanderers recently were not recommended by the coaches. The players were imposed on us. That’s why we end up with eight players in one position yet another position has just two,” he said.

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