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SRFA disqualified Chanco FC

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Chanco Football Club have been disqualified from the Premier Division of Masters Security Southern Region Football Association (SRFA) for failing to honour fixtures.

A letter addressed to Chanco on September 16 2016, SRFA General Secretary, George Pagaja, said despite that the league is on its midway break, Chanco had nine outstanding first round games.

Pagaja said Chanco violated Article 9 of the SRFA rules’ and regulations which states that “all teams must complete the first round before they commence playing the second round.”

According to the rules, first round games cannot be played in the second round.

The letter also indicated that the league had been condoning similar acts with University of Malawi teams, including Polytechnic FC, being the usual culprits.

“Those reasons made the executive to decide that Chanco FC should not take part in the second round, and this also means that all the results of their matches will be declared null and void so that no team benefits unnecessarily,” Pagaja said.

In an interview, Pagaja confirmed that Chanco FC’s disqualification was meant to bring sanity to the second tier league.

“We have had similar problems in the past, but this time around we want to set precedence,” Pagaja said.

He said another factor to Chanco’s disadvantage is that their counterparts, Polytechnic, finished all their games on time.

Chancellor College’s Sports Director, Macdonald Matalala, said they were in the dark about the rules and regulation as SFRA did not distribute them to the teams.

“It was not our fault that we didn’t finish playing our games as the college closed in between, so there was nothing we could have done about it. We are contemplating appealing to Fam to have the decision overruled,” he added.

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