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Bullets CEO calls for patience on reserves team’s future

Bullets CEO calls for patience on reserves team’s future
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Nyasa Big Bullets Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Fleetwood Haiya has called for patience in those who are inquisitive about Nyasa Big Bullets Reserves’ chances of playing in the 2019 TNM Super League after winning Chitetezo Mbaula Southern Region Division League.

Haiya says the decision lies in the hands of the Nyasa Manufacturing Company (NMC) Board of Directors, who are sponsors of the team, and he will appear to the media to talk about the way forward after the board’s approval.

Before addressing the issue after yesterday’s 0-0 title winning draw against Ntopwa FC, a team they were tied with on points with, the CEO started by thanking God for the milestone and recognising the good job done by the technical panel, the players and ‘the fourth player’; supporters.

Chitetezo Mbaula Champions- NBB Reserves

“First of all I should thank God for fulfilling our desire to clinch the title. We’ve been saying that Nyasa Big Bullets will invest in the Reserves side so that we shouldn’t be spending a lot on players from other clubs so that we should be promoting the youngsters into the main team. So we say thanks to the board and we also extend the gratitude to the technical [panel] of this team and the players themselves and of course not forgetting the supporters that have been supporting us everywhere we have travelled, you can even bear witness considering today’s turn-up, it seemed it was the senior team which was playing,” he said,” Haiya said.

On the Super League issue, the CEO said: “Talking of what the future holds for the boys we will come again to address that since the future of playing in the TNM Super League lies in the hands of the board, and as a CEO and the management we have no such powers. The only thing we will do is to take the trophy to the board, and the board will make a decision.”

Meanwhile, the probability of Ntopwa taking Bullets Reserves place in the Super League is high, since two teams cannot be sponsored by one company or sponsor as per Club Licensing, and if the Bullets Reserve side is to participate in the topflight its name should be changed and the team should be run by a completely different sponsor.

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