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CAF seminar ends today in Cairo, FAM’s Kaputa among TDs attending

CAF seminar ends today in Cairo, FAM’s Kaputa among TDs attending
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Confederation of Africa Football (CAF) is holding a Technical Director Member Associates (MA’s) in Cairo, Egypt, a-three-day conference which seeks to improve Africa’s technical and tactical aspect of football.

The seminar started on 22nd January, 2019, and the topics being covered include the Role of a Technical Director, the Organization of the Technical Development Department, Coaching Convention, FIFA Forward Application and Plan, and many more.

According to CAF website, CAF Technical & Development Committee member Nasser Larguet says: “The main objective of this seminar is to have a common vision across all the MAs in Football development. We need to make sure that all the principal actors involved in football development share a unified vision regarding the content, evaluation criteria and coaches’ recruitment.

“It is very important to have almost all the MA’s represented at the seminar,” said Nasser Larguet, CAF Technical & Development Committee member.”

He also emphasised on developing youth women’s football across the continent, for they are crucial elements to the growth of the game in Africa.

“Women’s football has a bright future and we have a lot to do. Regarding youth football, it is essential to focus and identify elite players in academies, schools and universities. It is a whole chain and we have to develop the base to improve elite football,” he added.

Kaputa (2nd) representing Malawi at the seminar

Meanwhile, Football Association of Malawi (FAM) technical Director John Kaputa is among the 51 technical directors present at the seminar.


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