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BSC introduces Mudi River clean up campaign

BSC introduces Mudi River clean up campaign
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Blantyre Sports Club (BSC) golfers have introduced a campaign to clean Mudi River.

BSC launched the campaign on May 1 with a tournament called Mudi River Golf Challenge between Mudi North and Mudi South which the former emerged triumphant.

One of the organisers, Gift Chidya Gondwe said: “Mudi River dissects our golf course and also waters the greens and I thought it wise to start the initiative in a bid to end pollution and bring Mudi River back to what it was.”

BSC chairperson Lester Tandwe said he was pleased that the idea to clean Mudi River is becoming a reality.

“For now, there is no sponsor for the cause, but when we show willingness and commitment, the drive has the potential to attract sponsors,” Tandwe said.

Tandwe also pledged to become the first sponsor towards the cause.

BSC golf captain Keta Mulwafu said the importance of Mudi River cannot be overemphasised.

Mudi North captain Donbell Mandala said: “I thank my members for their splendid performance. Today, it’s the game of golf that has won, unity has won. We believe that this is just the beginning of something big in the quest to realise our dream.”

Mudi South captain Klema Hau said it was pleasing that the idea is becoming a reality “and going forward, let us see what we can do about it.”

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