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Taschler ‘Tennis expert’ tips Malawi

Taschler ‘Tennis expert’ tips Malawi
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Italian tennis expert, Ego Taschler has urged Malawi to make it big in the game with better-quality infrastructure.

Taschler said the country has great potential in tennis development with many talented players but lack of infrastructure for the sport impedes growth.

He said that during a school open tennis tournament in Mzuzu which was organised by Saved by the Ball (SBB) last week.

“Generally, tennis in Malawi is still on the low because you do not have suitable infrastructure for this sport. The few tennis clubs that are there also lack good coaches to groom players,” Taschler said.

He added: “But we have many talented youths with skills, who could put Malawi on the map if they can be provided with good courts and coaches. With the right structures in place, Malawi would be one of the top performers in tennis.”

SBB Executive Director, Owen Mfune said they have over 100 tennis players who use one court.

He said as one of the key players in tennis development, SBB plans to construct another court in Mzuzu.

 “As organisations, we should also come up with interventions. As SBB, we will soon start constructing our own tennis court here in Mzuzu.

Playing tennis on bare ground is certainly not the way to go. We have to build many courts which could also attract more players,” Mfune said.

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