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By Mc Noel Kasinja

The Malawi Professional Boxing Control Board (MPBCB) have been asked by Zambia’s Oriental Queries Boxing Promotions to discipline local promoter Craig Rousseau for alleged offensive social media comments about the neighbouring country’s boxing affairs.

The firm accuses the No Pain No Gain Boxing Promotion director, in a letter dated September 25, 2019, of castigating Zambian promoters.

The partly reads:

 “He has been castigating other promoters and members of the Zambia Professional Boxing and Wrestling Control Board [ZPBWCB] through various social media platforms.

“The comments have been written and recorded messages.”

A Letter signed by Oriental manager Chris Malunga, describes Rousseau’s conduct as interference in the affairs of another country.

“Not only do we find this to be offensive, but highly unprofessional for a person registered with a board in one country to comment on another country’s affairs,” it reads.

In an interview yesterday, Malunga confirmed writing the letter which has been copied to the Zambia Boxing Board and Africa Boxing Union.

The Nation understands that Rousseau, among other topics, commented on a ruling by Zambia boxing authorities that female boxer Lolita Muzeya was a free agent while Oriental claims she was under their stable.

In a WhatsApp group called Exodus, whose members are nationals of different countries, the Malawian promoter posted: “That’s it. Boxers move on. They are not obligated to stay with one stable their whole lives.”

In a series of texts, Rousseau hit at Malunga for obtaining an injunction against ZPBWCB ruling on Lolita:

 “Christopher Malunga you are funny. Let her go bro. She doesn’t want you. You are forcing her to be under you against her will.”

Rousseau defended himself, in an interview, saying he sees nothing wrong commenting on Zambia boxing affairs in an international social media group.

“If it is [WhatsApp group] is it only for Zambians then why do we have other countries or foreign nationals on that group?” he said.

MPBCB president Lonzoe Zimba acknowledged receipt of the letter.

He said they will meet at the weekend to discuss the issue.

The team’s coach Victor Bokosi thanked Namatcha for the donation.

“He could have picked any team from the area, but he chose us. We are really grateful to him and TNM for introducing this competition,” he said.


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