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Boxing Promoter implores FDHBank to resume sponsorship towards Boxing

Boxing Promoter implores FDHBank to resume sponsorship towards Boxing
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By Lovemore Katanda

One of the boxing promoters in the country Besta Saopa has asked FDH Bank to resume its sponsorship towards boxing as the sport is expected to go back on the ground

Saopa who is also the proprietor of Besao Boxing Promotions disclosed this in an exclusive interview saying initially FDH Bank promised his company to support boxing across the country but the funding was put on hold due to escalating covid-19 threats that led to cancellation of sporting activities.

Saopa stated that despite resignation of Thom Mpinganjira,the then managing Director and the founder of FDH bank he(Saopa)is hopeful that all will go well as planned.

“I am aware that Thom Mpinganjira resigned from the company but that does not panic me. There are always handovers in every company and am sure that that will also happen in FDH,”saidsaopa adding that he is yet to receive a communication regarding to the sponsorship from the new management.

When contacted to comment on the matter, new FDH Bank Managing Director Williams Mpinganjira his mobile phone went unanswered after several attempts.

Saopa further explained that his company is in the process of re-building up boxing in southern and northern region hence the need for vibrant sponsorship.

“southern and northern region seem to be raging behind in as far as boxing is concerned. we will be focusing much on these two regions to identify new talents,”he said.

Saopa therefore urged boxers to start preparations in their respective gyms to keep their bodies in check.

Malawi government through its committee on covid-19 directed that competitions of sporting activities like football and netball be restarted by November 14 this year after five months break.

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