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Besao Boxing Promotion Bout Slated For December 27

Besao Boxing Promotion Bout Slated For December 27
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By Orchestra Kamanga and Lovemore Katanda

After staging boxing in capital city, Lilongwe, Besao Boxing Promotion is slated to stage bout at Motel Paradise on December 27 in the commercial city of Malawi, Blantyre.

Speaking at Blantyre Youth Centre (BYC) during Press Briefing the Boxing Promoter Bester said he has decided to stage bout in Blantyre so that fans in the commercial capita should be entertained in the month of December as people enjoy during the festive season.

“We have partnered with Baloteli Lodge (Gilingo Bamusi) to have boxing at Motel paradise to entertain Blantyre family as it will be family boxing Bonanza which people will pay K3, 000 only,” he said.

He further said he has changed the date from 26 which is Boxing Day (Saturday) to December 27 which is Sunday after being requested by fans saying Sunday they will not be busy.

On his part the Sponsor Gilingo Bamusi who owns Baloteli Lodge which is at Manje, Blantyre said he decided to pump in money after being requested by Besao Boxing Promotion besides that he likes boxing sporting activity.

“I sponsor boxing because it is in my blood. Most companies desert to sponsor the sport hence my coming in to develop it,” he said.

He said they will be tight security to protect people’s property like cars, and people’s lives and they will follow Covid-19 preventive measures like wearing masks, washing hands with sanitizer just to mention but a few.

No amount was disclose to boxers but they will go home with smile face and they will be ladies competition Bonanza

Malawi Professional Boxing Control Board (MPBCB) Chairperson for Southern region Lex Luya urged people to patronise the bout in saying large numbers boxers are well prepared and fit for the bout.

“We don’t know who will carry the day because both fighters Limbani Masamba and Musa Mkwamba are best boxers at the moment in the country,” he said.

Both Boxers has challenged each other to be the champions during the bout and pocket first prize money.

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